Tuesday, March 23, 2010

please don't walk away

Yin: "Why did you have Juan clean up if he wasn't done?"

Yang: "Well, I thought it might be considered finished - at least that I was supposed to respect his effort and call it his art."

Yin: "Didn't you see the other (widgets) get painted 2 colors?"

Yang: "Sure - they look great, too."

Yin: "You didn't think maybe Juan was supposed to use two colors, too?"

Yang: "No. Nobody said anything to me. I thought this was supposed to be the kids' work." (not said - I don't operate well in "real time" dialogue).

Yin: "Come onnnn, Yang. You don't expect (me to give such specific directions/me to believe that you can't figure this stuff out on your own)!"


Yang doesn't get to take this conversation where it needs to go. Real life doesn't wait for Yang to process it. Real life doesn't understand that Yang needs language to process absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!

Yang is getting tired of this.

Yang is getting tired.

Yang thinks life sucks.

Yang has Nonverbal Learning Disability.

Yang is a fucking nervous wreck most of the time.

Yang knows he is always being judged.

That is why Yang is such a nervous wreck.

Yang has had quite enough of this.

Yang has had more of this than he can take.

Yang has had more of this than he can handle.

Yang has just about had enough of life.

A non-meta-pseudo-quasi-intro

Character 1: "You need to pay attention to all of your surroundings."

Fred (so he's named): "You mean I've got to focus more?"

Character 1: "Exactly."

Fred: "But doesn't focus mean to narrow in on a specific thing and concentrate and block out the rest?"

Character 1: "Well...you need to focus on everything."

Fred: "So, I've got to narrow in on everything and block out everything?"

Character 1: "Yes. No, wait. No. No, see, the thing is...what was I saying?"