Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Motion or death - molecular inertia and the concept of complete stillness.

Is motion our "natural" state? Is stasis? If you're not living, you're dead, right - and if you're not dead, well - you're living. Either zero or one, not both, right?

I mean, you can't be "kinda pregnant", right?

So, this sets me to wondering about the implications of Newton's laws of inertia. Does an object in motion stay in motion and does an object at rest stay at rest, until acted upon by another force?

What starts an electron moving? And if Newton has adequately explained what *keeps* it moving, then does this mean that gravity is an astronomical force that has nano-limits? Why doesn't the neutron act upon the electron as Earth acts upon us?

Is gravity the only thing that keeps us still? Would we otherwise be naturally inclined to move and go lest the alternative become inevitable? What alternative? Well - *not* moving. Inert...uh...ness. Molecular inertia. Absolute zero. Death.